1/200 Metal gate 3D printed in PLA

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on a 3D print of a scaled down 1/200 sized gate. The gate in question is an architectural metal works feature that ‘Alan Williams Metal Artist’ and myself created for residential housing in Brighton, and gated the underground car park (we also designed metal grates and address plaque for the building) and the idea of 3D printing a scaled down version is to produce the quality as needed for the  service of architectural model making.



Build Plate temp: 60

Extruder temp: 220

Infill: 10%

Infill ratio perimeter overlap: 0.3

Layer height: 0.3 

Extra shells on alternating layer: 2

Extra shells on base: 2

Extra shells on sparse layer:1


2014-03-02 17.25.36

2014-03-02 17.25.29

The new print is the best quality so far.

However there are still issues where there are some small horizon gaps, especially on areas near the perimeter edges, as well as some spurs occurring during the print, that when removed again resulted in gaps.

Consideration on next print to rectify these issues are:

–          Keeping a constant ambient room temperature

–          Keeping a constant ambient temperature in the chamber by utilising a preheat

–          Increasing the infill ratio overlap to 0.4

–          Use 100% infill

–          Decrease flow rate to 30mm/ps

–          Decrease extrusion temp to 200

Other considerations for the future is to check if the drive belts or motor gears need tightening.

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Many thanks guys!