Inside the extruder heads you will find this.

Have you ever needed to take the extruder heads apart, maybe because of a block? You may have had that irritating ‘bang! bang! bang!’ sounding experience, causing your filament to flow badly. Or even worse a block that results in you not being able to feed the filament through at all. Its snapped in there. So, you hit the point where to hot end is going to have to come off.

Once you finally unscrew the nozzle (not easy, its on there tight) and pull out the offending broken bit of material you encounter this seeming innocuous little thing –


This is an MK9 PTEF insert. Looks unimportant but is key for a few things –

– It smoothly guides the filament to the nozzle so not to catch on anything

–  It helps keep the filament ridged and vertical so it keeps a continuous flow during prints

And most importantly:

– It prevents the material melting until it reaches the correct deapth in the extruder heads

This important component was, in part, missing from my Wanhao, after i replaced both nozzles, which had become carbonised after a number of experiments attempting to utalise PVC as a support structure (it worked but caused some havoc!) So I had purchased two replacement nozzles from e-bay. Upon attempting to install them i have found that the internal diameter of nozzles where too thin to allow me to re-insert the PTEF tubes. So, on the fly i cut them in half so they would sit in place on top on the nozzles instead of being inserted.

This worked fine at first, yet has caused the problem of the filament oozing and leaking out of the various holes and gaps on the extruder block, and result in considerably poorer quality prints and much thready mess around the build.

The lesson – I strongly recommend not getting any internal components from any other sources than the Wanhao site unless you are confident you know what you are ordering. for users in the UK here is the link to the parts page: (i’m sure you can find your equivalent in your country!)

I have a number of bits and bob’s to changed out in my Wanhao so to get it back up to it 100% working order, including new thermocouples, fans and extruder heads, and also recovering the extruder block with new insulating cloth.  See my following blogs pieces for all this.

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Thanks again!