Makerbot’s new update all good and safe for Wanhao Duplicator 4

Late last eve I saw the new download for Makerbot Desktop and, liking the look of its new cloud options, downloaded it.

It was late, and I was not giving the situation cautious attention, so went ahead and installed.  Upon clicking the step to ‘Uninstall the old version’ I suddenly though. ‘Oh no, what have I done! Will it still be OK on the Wanhao, with the Sailfish upgrade already installed? Oh well i will check in the morning.’

And… Lucky it was all fine.  It even kept ‘Proftweek ‘installed and caused no issues at all. And with its new features (some of which are for the new Makerbot 5 so irrelevant to us) plus could hosting and easy and improved access to Thingiverse.

20140722_174922 (1)

It sliced me a good print today. I’m not sure but i get the impression that the new version is dealing with overhang even better than before. But that may just be my imagination!

Go ahead, install it.  All is well!

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Thanks all

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