The tried and tested simple guide to reliable PLA prints on the Wanhao Duplicator 4. Part 2

2 – Upgrade the print heads to MK9’s

OK I have mentioned this in a former post, but this upgrade it crucial so to have reliable print heads that reliably pull the filament through and prevent those nasty gap lines that occur with the inferior MK8’s.  The addition of levers of the sides of the upgrades means its way easier to unload the filament.  Taking the print heads apart is fiddly but still fairly simple. Just be careful to not drop any of the small part and loose them. Use a couple of bowls.

Unlike last time, here’s a handy video to take you through it all…

(Tip – If you having a problem removing the filaments, and am getting that ‘click click click’ sound, select ‘load’ for a few seconds before re selecting ‘unload’. This fixes the problem.)

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A nice short one this week.

Next time – adding a cooling fan!