The tried and tested simple guide to reliable PLA prints on the Wanhao Duplicator 4. Part 3

In this final part i’m going to give you two bits of advice:

3 – Adding a fan

This was the ‘Eureka’ moment for my PLA prints.   The addition of a simple desk fan blowing onto the build made all the difference.


It’s also important to have the door of the printer up to keep air flow, and so, humidity and temperature down. This had greatly reduced the problems of corners lifting and is resulting in a much improved uniformity in the print quality.

I have seen recommendations that show a fan that can be added onto the printhead itself, attached to the mother board, and so controllable via the g-code. I’m going to try this one day.  But for now a desk fan blowing onto the build is great to dramatically increase the print quality.

4 – If doing a single build remove the second hot end.

You don’t need to disconnect the wires.  Just remove the screw holding it in and tape it to the unused filament tube. This stops it interfering with the build. i.e Getting in the way. knocking the build, catching unset filament etc.

These changes have resulted in my printing finally getting to a level where I can no reliably print for production of items. Such as this phone stand I have created for a customer. The reliability now allows for well-fitting click fits to be printed into the design.


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Up next – When tool paths go rouge and printing without rafts…