Wanhao Duplicator 6 – My First Week of Use

New 3D printer. New page theme. Aren’t you lucky!

I’m loving this new machine. When I unboxed the Duplicator 6, I could immediately see the increased quality over the Duplicator 4. With a metal frame, solid print bed and sturdy runners and extruder block, I could tell this was going to be a vast improvement.  Still, there were a couple of issues that needed to be addressed.

Duplicator 6 un-boxing with all bit included!

Upon unboxing all the bits supplied I was disappointed how small the spool holder for the filament is, as it is too short to hold any of my collection of larger filament rolls. So I tried instead attaching the Longer spool holder from the Duplicator 4 and was pleased to find it fits just fine! I would suggest you go online and buy a replacement one if you don’t have one spare so to allow you to utilise the wider selection of filaments out there.

Comparative Spool Holder sizes

The machine, powered by a Wanhao calibrated version of Cura (supplied on and SD card) comes with no preset test files to print.  So I got onto Thingiverse and selected a good test model to print out at the medium setting of 100 microns (and yes this machine prints in a far higher level of detail than the D4!) Who else should I print than our delightful eater of souls little Cthulhu!

Off the bat, printing onto blue builders tape with a raft, the print was coming on totally fine. I was struck by how clean the print was rolling out. Until it got half way through and stopped. Can’t be right?

After a bit of investigation on the Wanhao 6 Facebook group I was informed that this was a firmware issue and a patch has been realised to fix this –  D6_wanhao_V2.5.hex. (http://www.wanhao3dprinter.com/Down/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=75) This can be installed very easily by connecting the USB cable to your computer and updating using Cura. I was pleased to find this fixed the problem.

So on printing our little bringer of doom one more time I got a delightful result. The quality is superb.

Deep one

The only other failed print I have had, and this is an annoying one, was 5 hours in, when one of the screws fell out of the fan onto the print, ruining it! This is an easy fix with the Alan key provided, but I would recommend to you to tighten them all up when you unbox! I have also heard that people have had an issue with the Z-stepper motor being disconnected. So check under the machine. I was lucky enough to not have this problem.

In former posts back in the days of the dual extruding Duplicator 4, I was investigating dual extruding with soluble support structures, as I found that removing supports would create mess and/or damage the item.  As you know I never got this going well. But with the Duplicator 6 this is no longer an issue. Cura’s way of adding support is great. They remove so easily.  Rafts peels off with ease, and all the results are clean. I no longer see the need to have a dual extruding 3D printer, beyond the wants of artistry.


I have to say that  over all I am most satisfied with this machine! And for the low price tag it is selling for right now I think it’s a great buy.  I would suspect after futher positive reviews this price may go up!

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