We are back on the Owls again for a moment.

The print heads now have the MK9 upgrades and i was curious to see how Makerware (as opposed to ReplicatorG) processes detailed models and so have been experimenting with this Thingiverse item:


Actually I decided to only print the one wearing the top hat, using gold PLA, because its cool.

The MK9 upgrade makes a noticeable difference to the reliability of the feed. I cant recommend it highly enough.

In an earlier post (the owl are not  what they seem) i have a good final result printing an owl in Red PLA. however, this time round i again had difficulty with the quality of the prints:


The main problems occurred on the are’s of overhang, on the belly on the lower parts of the owl face, including the beak. This issue occurred uniformly on all 4 prints. the detail did improve when i reduced the default federate gradually from model to model from 90 to 35 but still occurred. Even adding support structure did not fix this.

I needed a good print for a presentation and so decided to go back and use ReplicatorG, with the former ‘Owl’ settings (see former post).  This did not fix the issue entirely, but still gave a better print:

2014-04-18 15.50.02

This had made me consider some pro and cons of both Makerware and ReplicatorG

ReplicatorG sometimes does not generate a reliable tool path, leaving gaps on finer print, such as a cookie cutter I made (watch this space)  where  Makerware seems to generate a more reliable tool path resulting in no gaps.  However, even at lower speads its does not seem to create as quality detail on finer more complex  models.

I’m aware this all sound like a contradiction. Please let me know of your experiences when comparing the two, and any other slicers you recommend.

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A short one this time.  A longer one next.