White lines (or brown lines) going through my mind.

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To business…

After a good 6 month of reliably high quality prints a new issue arose. Prints where running fine until this started to happen towards the end of builds…


Strange brown lines during white PLA prints, as well as thin strings around the prints, signifying oozing.  They are basically burns during extrusion. Strange? The temp on the readout is saying its printing at 190C as always.  I drop the temp to 185C and it has helped to a point but its still happening. Why is this?

The answer – a bad thermocouple. If you want to know what it is its this bit that attached  just above the nozzle on the block:


It became frayed and a little out of shape from taking the print head apart and putting back together so many times.  If this part does not work correctly the Wanhao does not return correct readings and miss-regulated the extrusion temperature. If you want to know how the change the thermocouple see this video:


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